Why did I even think that would fucking work jfc I’m so dumb 😭

I’m the worlds biggest idiot

Anonymous sent: I'm not trying to be mean or anything I'm just pointing out a gap you seem to have after I seen a post of yours complaining about skinny girls moaning about being fat. This isn't meant to hurt you but rather point out something you might not have noticed or thought of before.

Okay well I’m sorry if I posted something at one point but I don’t think that skinny girls aren’t allowed to be self conscious. Everyone is different and everyone has different views and if I’ve said something at one point I clearly don’t think the same now

Anonymous sent: I'm just saying, you tag certain things with body pos, you reblog stuff saying about people not having worry about extra fat or cellulite or anything, and you say you worry about your body image sometimes and that's all okay, what's not okay is thinking a skinny girl can't also worry about how they look, everyone can be insecure in their body and you might think a girl is skinny but maybe she had put on a slight amount of weight that seemed like nothing to you but was a big deal to her?

I’ve never said skinny girls can’t be upset about the way they look? I can’t decide what’s right and what’s wrong for someone to worry about and I can’t say people who are skinnier have to be confident or not..? If I’ve ever said something like that then I clearly didn’t mean it because I have absolutely no recollection of saying skinny girls couldn’t be self conscious. Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their opinions or feelings on their body. I’ve never once thought that you can’t have issues with your body because you’re skinny. Where did this come from like seriously?

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children screaming in public? hahaimage

Anonymous sent: You seem to have a horrible double standard when it comes to body positivity? Like bigger girls are supposed to be positive and if they were to worry about their weight you would tell them they're perfect the way they are, but if a skinny girl were to worry about their fat you criticised them for it?

Haha what where did this come from? When have I told a bigger girl they were perfect the way they are, or vice versa? I might have said one thing about a skinny girl moaning about fat before but that was because she has told me she knows that she’s skinny and her body is perfect beforehand. This was totally out of the blue I’m really confused



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room with a view


room with a view


M&M brownies


M&M brownies

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Jake playing this fucking P.T. is ridiculous