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Constantly just travelling away from people I love, whether it’s friends or family or Jake

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PornHub Comments part 2


i am fucking crying at this


Anonymous sent: Hey. I hope you told that anon to wheesht! I saw your post and it made me feel sad. I don't know the situation with your boyfriend but, I'm positive he loves you very much. Inside and out and every little trait, quirk.. Everything and anything that makes you, you. If you're worried, why don't you tell him about it? Also, don't let those anons bother you! They're just sad with their own lives and have nothing better to do but attempt to make others miserable! Please feel better:) - K

Thank you so so much that’s so nice of you. I know, I do talk to him about things. Thank you so much

Anonymous sent: shut the fuck up. he deserves more than someone who isn't fucking grateful for him. leave him before you destroy him even more. you're ruining that poor lovely boys life you need to stop and let him live again. he's not what he used to be. and it's your fault

I’m going to assume that ‘he’ is my boyfriend, Jake. I am more grateful for Jake than you can ever imagine and I love him with all of my heart. I have told him he deserves better before. I don’t want to leave him. I will try to stop being the way I am. Who are you to comment on our relationship? How do you know what Jake ‘used to be like’? Just go away. I don’t need this right now

I ruined everything

I am actually the shittiest person ever. Shittiest person, friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister just everything I’m just shit

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This German Shep has dwarfism. I think I want to steal him


This German Shep has dwarfism. I think I want to steal him

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This is draining the life out of me